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Surfers tackle giant waves in Portugal

The world’s best big-wave surfers have been risking their lives on massive waves as the “black swell” hits Europe.
Nanjing Night Net

The coastlines of Portugal and Spain have been lashed by the monster swell as winter weather patterns start to take hold in the north.

In Portugal, Garrett McNamara (US) led the charge of 16 professionals at Praia do Norte, near the fishing village of Nazaré, as hundreds of spectators lined the cliffs above the underwater canyon that forms the swell into huge waves.

The surfers used jet-skis to be towed into the mountains of water.

The waves form due to a unique combination of factors that help create the giant swell.

Praia do Norte is among the most westerly points in Europe, meaning that the wind, and so the ocean swell, sweeps across the Atlantic unhindered.

Most of the west coast of Portugal is in a similar position and numerous beaches have become favourite surfing sports.

However, off the Praia do Norte coastline is another special feature – the Nazaré Canyon, which is the biggest underwater ravine in Europe.

This huge canyon runs 200 kilometres from the abyssal plain in the Atlantic Ocean to about a kilometre from the coastline.

At its deepest point, the sea bed is more than five kilometres beneath the surface and it rises rapidly to a canyon “headwall” that is between 30 and 45 metres just off the coast of Praia do Norte.

Currents through the canyon combine with swell driven by winds from further out in the Atlantic to create waves that propagate at different speeds.

They converge as the canyon narrows and drive the swell directly towards the lighthouse that sits on the edge of Nazaré.

From the headwall to the coastline, the seabed rises gradually from about 10 metres to become shallow enough for the swell to break.

Tidal conditions also help to increase the wave height.

In northern Spain, the opening event of the northern hemisphere window of the new Big Wave World Tour was held.

American Nic Lamb won the Punta Galea Challenge where surfers had to paddle into the waves.

Conditions weren’t perfect with wind causing some dangerous chop on the faces of the waves, resulting in some heavy wipeouts and broken boards.

– Stuff, with Telegraph, London

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Fare-evading women punched, bit, spat on bus driver

The women wanted over the bus attack. Photo: Victoria Police. Onlookers watch the attack from the street. Photo: Victoria Police.
Nanjing Night Net

Two fare-evading women accused of an attack on a bus driver on Saturday have handed themselves in at the Dandenong Police Station.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the women, aged 40 and 22 from Noble Park, arrived at about 1.30pm and were assisting police with their enquiries.

Bus driver Faavae Tuiloma was left shaken and embarrassed after being the target of the violent attack.

Police were searching for the two women, who allegedly punched, bit and spat on the bus driver, after he asked them to pay their fares in Melbourne’s south-east.

The women did not use their myki cards when they boarded the 893 bus at Dandenong Plaza shopping centre about 2.50pm on Saturday, November 29.

The pair allegedly verbally abused Mr Tuiloma after he asked them to pay for their journey when the bus reached its final destination at Dandenong train station.

The women then turned violent, punching, biting and spitting on the driver in front of other passengers.

“All of a sudden she just ripped my shirt off,” Mr Tuiloma told reporters on Friday.

“I just grabbed the lady in the mouth and pushed her away from me … The second time I pushed the big lady in the mouth I felt my thumb went straight in her mouth and she bit it.

“I wasn’t expecting ladies to do that sort of thing … It is disgusting.”

The father of five, who serves as a bishop at his local church, said he had been left both bruised and embarrassed.

“They seemed like they were very good people when they walked on the bus.”

The bus driver of five years said he may not have been able to restrain himself had his attackers been men.

“I can’t believe I let them get away without me doing anything to them,” he said.

“Sometimes I’m driving and I think ‘I can’t believe this has happened,'” he said.

Senior Constable Chirath Pathirana said the public attack in broad daylight was a “very low act”.

“The bus driver is just doing his job to support his family and he just wants to go home in one piece,” he said.

“He’s definitely shown a lot of restraint. It’s hard to say what anyone else would have done, but he’s definitely shown a lot of professionalism and I commend him for that.”

Senior Constable Pathirana said the women were mistaken if they believed they were exempt from paying bus fares.

“There’s no compromise. You jump on a bus, you’ve got to pay your fare. For someone to have a dispute about it and carry on the way these two females did is just not on,” he said.

One of the women is believed to be aged in her 50s and was wearing a dark top.

The other woman, believed to be in her 20s, was wearing a pink shirt.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1300 888 000.

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Grenfell CWA present cheque for $47,350 to the Grenfell Senior Citizens Committee l photo

Presenting the massive cheque for $47,350.00 to overwhelmed Senior Citizen Committee members Vicki Reid (Vice Chairperson) and Glenice Clarke (Secretary) are Sonia Groen (CWA Day Branch President), Judy Mitton (CWA Day Branch Secretary) and Robyn Logan (CWA Day Branch Treasurer) on Tuesday, December 9. The money is 50% of the proceeds of the sale of the CWA rooms, the Senior Citizens will use the money for their Building Fund that is used for Maintenance, new appliances, carpet, cleaning and other duties involved in maintaining the Senior Citizen’s properties. The Committee would like to SINCERELY THANK the CWA ladies and the efforts they made to secure the funds, this will be of great benefit to the Senior Citizens Committee and the Community. The Grenfell Day Branch of the CWA are thrilled to announce an extraordinary outcome from the sale of the CWA rooms in Camp Street.
Nanjing Night Net

After persistent letter writing by secretary, Judy Mitton, they finally received a substantial amount of money from the proceeds of the sale of the rooms some twelve months ago.

The members were overwhelmed to receive the amount of $47,350.00.

This meant that the CWA Day Branch was able to donate the proceeds to the Grenfell Senior Citizens Welfare Committee to use for building additional units as well as maintaining their current properties.

The CWA Rooms were built by local members so it is very pleasing for them to see some of the proceeds remain here in town.

The CWA would like to thank and acknowledge the continuous efforts of Secretary Judy Mitton and the Committee who worked tirelessly on the sale of the rooms and to everyone else involved that contributed towards achieving this excellent outcome.

The cheque was presented to Senior Citizens Committee Members, Glenice Clarke (Secretary) and Vicki Reid (Vice Chairperson) on Tuesday December 9.

Glenice and Vicki were overwhelmed by the amount and Secretary Glenice Clarke said “Thank You so much, it is a huge shock to receive this amount, we are sincerely grateful, the money will be well utilised to benefit the Senior Citizens of our Community”.

The cheque will go into the Building Fund with the intention of building extra units in the future and this money will now make that possible sooner.

The CWA Day Branch Ag and Environmental officer, Sonia Groen, has spoken about her disappointment in regards to the cutting down of the trees at the start of the Bird Trail in Memory Street.

Sonia will write a letter to Councillors to express the feelings of the members on this matter.

After the meeting, afternoon tea was enjoyed by the members and volunteers and a lovely Christmas Cake, made by Esma Baker, was cut by Patrons Mrs Kathleen Smith and Mrs Lola Madden.

President Sonia wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and gave a big thank you to the girls who opened and manned the shop on Saturday November 29, and to Andrea Ladlow for providing entertainment.

Members offered to make damper and man the stall in Taylor Park on Australia Day and enjoyed singing Carols at the MPS on December 9.

They would also like to thank the Record for publishing their reports (the pleasure is all ours) and wish everyone a Safe and Happy Christmas.

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Group Three Rugby League rejects Macleay’s bid to play in 2015

Group Three Rugby League management committee members listen to a submission from Macleay at the annual meeting held in November.THE Macleay Valley Mustangs are now in limbo after the club’s second attempt to be includedin the 2015 Group Three Rugby League competition failed at a meeting held at the Wingham Services Club on Tuesday night.
Nanjing Night Net

Group Three’s general committee, consisting of the management and club delegates, voted 16-6 against Macleay’s submission with one abstaining. Voting was by secret ballot.

The vote at the group’s annual meeting in November was 15-5 against Macleay’s continued participation.

The club was initially excluded from the competition by the group’s management committee in October after the Mustangslost all criteria points following a series of misdemeanors throughout the season. Macleay joined Group Three from Group Two this year and won the first grade premiership.

Country Rugby League chairman John Anderson and CEO Terry Quinn both addressed the meeting and asked the general committeeto reconsider theoriginal decision.

This week’s meeting was held at the insistence of the CRL.

Macleay had a strong representation at the meeting, including all members of the newly elected committee led by president Willy Lockwood along with Kempsey Shire Council deputy mayor Lou Kesby, Melinda Pavey MLC, former NRL star Ricky Walford, former chairman of Group Two and CRL life member Greg Mayhew.

The club also had a letter of support from member for Oxley Andrew Stoner.

A number of speakers addressed the meeting. The Mustangs produced a lengthy document outlining how the club will operate and how it will crackdown on misbehavior.

However, the club failed to gain the necessary support to overturn the decision.

John Anderson earlier told the meeting this will be the club’s last chance. Group Three will proceed in 2015 with seven clubs.

It is not known if Macleay will apply to play in the competition in 2016.

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Wanderers pay dispute resolved

Resolved: Tony Popovic.Western Sydney coach Tony Popovic has praised his players’ professionalism after the pay dispute that threatened the club’s Club World Cup campaign was finally resolved.
Nanjing Night Net

The Wanderers squad had threatened to boycott Saturday’s match against Mexican side Cruz Azul in Morroco because of what they considered an unfair share of tournament prize money.

But a tense standoff lasting almost a week ended on Thursday, with the Wanderers and Professional Footballers Australia announcing they had reached a new agreement.

While both parties refused to reveal the details, it’s believed the players will receive a significant increase on the initial offer of a 10 per cent of the guaranteed $1.2 million prize money but less than the 50 per cent they sought.

The controversy has overshadowed the Asian Champions’ build-up to a match which could lead to a dream semi-final with Real Madrid but Popovic said the resolution would change little on the training paddock.

‘‘We see on paper that something has been resolved but for the last two days, I have seen a group determined to do very well here,’’ Popovic said in Rabat on Thursday.

‘‘There’s a unity amongst the staff and players that is normal for me.

‘‘I haven’t seen a change and I don’t expect to see a change because I have been very happy with how they have looked since we arrived.’’

While there are suggestions the dispute could damage relations between the players and club in the long run, Popovic praised the handling of the issue from all parties.

‘‘It’s a credit to the club – not just the players,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s unfortunate that there has been an issue in public domain but I am not surprised to see how well they have looked after their bodies and have conducted themselves to prepare for a fantastic game, which we are a part of.‘‘As a coach I have seen nothing to worry me.’’

The Wanderers are long outsiders to beat North American champions Cruz Azul, with the winner to face Real Madrid in the semi-finals.Western Sydney are winless in the A-League after the first nine rounds but Popovic said there were strong signs to suggest his team could rise to the occasion in the Moroccan capital.

‘‘When we train well, we play well and this week I’ve already seen some great things on the training paddock,’’ he said.

‘‘Playing well doesn’t mean we’ll win on Saturday but we’ll certainly go into it with confidence.’’ AAP

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Last show meeting for 2014 in Grenfell l photo

The Grenfell PAH & I Show Society will hold their last meeting for 2014 on Monday December 15 at the Simpson Pavilion at 7pm, note the change of venue. ALL WELCOME The last show meeting for this year will be a Dinner meeting held in the Luncheon hall of the Simpson Pavilion on Monday 15th December commencing at 7pm followed by the December meeting.
Nanjing Night Net

Everyone who has assisted in any way this year is most welcome to attend. We do ask however that those attending please bring a plate to contribute to the community tea.

As a show committee it has been a pleasure to see all the new improvements made in and around the show ground facility.

Our congratulations must be passed on to the Show Ground Trust Committee who are in charge of the up keep, maintenance & hiring of the facilities.

They have done a wonderful job in their first 12 months.

Along with the Show committee they have assisted and supported the South West Appaloosa & All Breed Association with the refurbishment of the dressage arena.

It is great to see the area being used on a regular basis.

The Weddin Mountain Muster held its week of trail riding again this October and it was a raging success once again.

The Muster not only brings over 100 Riders into town but also their travelling companions, families etc.

This is a great injection into the local economy with the participants only too willing to experience all of what Grenfell has to offer.

We should also thank the community of Grenfell for their hospitality and making our visitors feel so welcome.

It is publicity like this on a personal level that goes a long way towards encouraging other visitors to come to our lovely town.

Courtney Taylor was named our Land Show Girl for 2014 and will be heading to the Zone Judging in early 2015.

We wish her well in that endeavour and know that she will do herself her family & Grenfell proud.

As a committee we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped in any way this year and we look forward to seeing you all again next year

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Man on firearms, drug and driving charges after allegedly threatening woman

Police have charged a Cooks Gap man with 19 offences after he allegedly threatened a woman with a firearm drivingbetween Goolma and Dubbo yesterday.
Nanjing Night Net

The 42-year-old woman was driving with two companions from Goolma towards Dubbo at about 11.20am on Thursday when a car overtook her vehicle, slowed down and swerved over the road.

The woman told police both vehicles stopped, and a man – who is known to the woman – got out of the second car.

It’s alleged the man grabbed a sawn-off shotgun from his vehicle, pointed it at the woman, and threatened to shoot her.

Police will further allege the man then picked up a large rock and threw it at the woman’s car, smashing the windscreen.

The woman and her companions drove away.

They were followed by the other vehicle for about 25 minutes, before attending a farmhouse and calling Triple Zero.

Police spotted the alleged assailants’ vehicle about five kilometres from Mudgee.

They initiated a pursuit, which ended when the vehicle drove into the front yard of a home in Denison Street, Mudgee.

The man allegedly ran from his car. After a short foot pursuit by police, he was arrested in Adams Street.

During a search of the man’s vehicle, police seized a 16-gauge Beretta sawn-off shotgun. It will be alleged this firearm was stolen from a Mudgee property in 2012.

Police also seized quantities of drugs believed to be methamphetamines and cannabis, along with an amount of cash.

At Mudgee Police Station, the 29-year-old man was charged with a total of 19 firearms, drug, driving and other offences.

The Cooks Gap man was refused bail to appear in Mudgee Local Court on Friday.

Handscomb injury could trigger Stars to sign Triffitt

A finger injury which will sideline Peter Handscomb until at least the new year has given fellow wicketkeeper Tom Triffitt an opportunity to revive his faltering career.
Nanjing Night Net

Handscomb, who averaged 116 in the first four rounds of the Sheffield Shield, broke the little finger on his right hand in training with Victoria on Monday. It is a significant impediment not just to the 23-year-old’s glovework but also to holding his bat, enough to force him out for at least three weeks.

In response Melbourne Stars signed Triffitt, a 24-year-old from Tasmania, for the duration of Handscomb’s stint on the sidelines.

Melbourne Renegades have also made a squad change on the eve of the season. Injury-plagued paceman Jayde Herrick has been ruled out due to a back injury, an injury which could signal the end of the now-uncontracted player’s domestic career. He has been replaced by Tasmania’s Andrew Fekete, who was also a replacement player for the Renegades last season.

Right-hander Triffitt made a huge impression on the Victorian hierarchy in November 2011, just after his 21st birthday, when he was filling in for then injured Tim Paine. In the space of just over a week on the MCG Triffitt produced three of his best domestic-level innings: 40 and 70 in the shield then 72 not out in the one-day match that followed.

Then Victoria captain Cameron White and coach Greg Shipperd occupy the same roles for the Stars, with White particularly known as an admirer of his batting capabilities.

When Paine returned to fitness Triffitt was poached to join Western Australia. He was reunited at the Warriors with Mitch Marsh, who captained the victorious Australian team at the 2010 under-19 World Cup, at which Triffitt was his deputy.

Triffitt’s moderate form with the bat and penchant for excessive off-field revelling brought him saw him dropped from all formats soon after Justin Langer took over as WA and Perth coach in November 2012.

With Sam Whiteman entrenched as top gloveman Triffitt was relegated to playing second XI and Futures League matches. It was on a trip for the latter, to Queensland in January this year, that he was involved in a drunken late-night incident in which he was charged with theft. The WACA, whose major sponsor discourages excessive alcohol consumption, sacked him from both the Warriors and Scorchers.

Triffitt returned home to Hobart after his sacking. While he has kept a low public profile on his return it is known he has significantly curbed his alcohol consumption. He played football during the winter, and since that finished has done sufficiently well in club cricket to earn a recall to Tasmania’s Futures League team, despite not holding a contract with the Tigers.

Triffitt will join the Stars this weekend to prepare for the Stars’ tournament-opening match against Adelaide against the Strikers on Thursday. It will end a gap of almost two years since his last domestic-level appearance, during the 2012-13 BBL.

While BBL rules dictate Triffitt will drop off the list whenever Handscomb is passed fit he could to the Stars’ list under new rules which allows clubs to sign temporary replacements for players on international duty for Australia. Glenn Maxwell and James Faulkner will fit this category for the Stars in the second half of the tournament.

Triffitt will likely make their unofficial Stars debut in the team’s Family Day practice match at Casey Fields in outer Melbourne on Sunday.

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Leighton sells John Holland in $1.15b deal

State-owned China Communications Construction Company has bought John Holland. Photo: Robert RoughThe China Communications Construction Company will become the first big Chinese group to build Australian roads and bridges after sealing a deal to acquire John Holland from Leighton Holdings for $853 million.
Nanjing Night Net

CCCC plans to keep the John Holland brand and retain senior management as it uses the acquisition to get a foothold in the Australian market and bid on a series of multi-billion dollar infrastructure projects.

CCCC, a state-owned company that has a market capitalisation of $23.5 billion, will become one of Australia’s biggest construction companies after Leighton and Lend Lease.

John Holland’s current projects include tunnels and stations for Sydney’s North West Rail Link; building Perth’s new $1.2 billion Children’s Hospital; and developing part of Victoria’s new Regional Rail Link.

The sale, which was reported by Street Talk on Thursday, comes as the company’s chief executive, Marcelino Fernandez Verdes, restructures the company and pays down debt following Spanish construction group ACS’s $1.15 billion takeover of Leighton in March.

John Holland, which was acquired by Leighton in 2000, was considered the easiest of Leighton’s three big subsidiaries, which include Thiess and Leighton Contractors, to sell.

The sale includes $100 million of debt in addition to John Holland’s equity value of $853 million and reduces Leighton’s gearing, which was running at 33.7 percent at the end of September, to around 24 percent.

“The divestment of John Holland supports our focus on further reducing gearing and strengthening our balance sheet so we can be sustainably competitive,” Mr Fernandez Verdes said.

“Proceeds will be used to finance future growth, particularly in public private partnerships.”

Some 4100 John Holland employees will transfer to CCCC International Holding Limited, a subsidiary of CCCC.

Lu Jianzhong, CCCI’s president, said there were “significant growth opportunities” in the Australian market.

“From our perspective, ownership of John Holland is the optimal way for CCCC to participate in this dynamic market as part of our aim to be a global transportation infrastructure business.”

CCCC, which is listed on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges, specialises in large transport projects, including bridges, ports, and high speed rail networks such as the 1,318 kilometre rail link between Beijing and Shanghai.

It plans use John Holland’s expertise in road and rail projects, as well as tunnelling and water infrastructure elsewhere in Asia.

The sale, which requires the approval of the Foreign Investment Review Board, is expected to be completed in early 2015.

The deal comes comes after Australia struck a free trade agreement with China in November that allows for Chinese workers to be brought into ­Australia to help build projects.

Leighton on Friday released details of Mr Fernandez Verdes’ pay package after the Spaniard replaced Hamish Tyrwhitt as CEO in March and subsequently also became chairman.

Mr Fernandez Verdes, who is CEO of Hochtief, Leighton’s controlling shareholder, will be paid an allowance of $495,000 in 2015.

He will also receive 1.2 million share appreciation rights, which reflect any increase in the company’s stock price between March 2014, when they traded at an average of $17.71, and March 2016.

The maximum price payable per share right will be $32.29, giving Mr Fernandez Verdes the opportunity to make more than $17 million.

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YOUR SAY: A thank you from Hardys Garage in Grenfell

Letter to the Grenfell Record Editor. This is our 10th Christmas in Grenfell and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and friends from around the area for letting us be a part of the community and sharing this time with us.
Nanjing Night Net

On our drive to work each morning we realise how things have changed all the magnificent kids on the side of the road waiting for the bus now missing because they are now driving their selves or left school but some have been replaced by new faces we look forward to their smiles and waves each day. Also all the fantastic members of the community who are no longer with us and all the ones that are still here and hope they will be for a long time to come.

We started our business in October 2004 and now in 2014 where has 10 years gone. During that time we have had a great association with Henry Lawson High with work experience wow what great kids are here in the community. To all the schools, organisations, couriers and other business we have had involvement with thankyou.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year with a big thankyou.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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