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Revving up for Elmore B&S

READY: Darryn Page and Brent Sweeney in their touch of pink. Picture: CONTRIBUTED/SAM SHOTTON
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FEATURE STORY: More than Bundy and boots

PICTURE GALLERIES: Elmore B&S from 2005 to 2013!

GRAB your boots and Akubra -The Elmore Summer Send Off is on this weekend.

The charity B&S, now in its 10th year, will be at the Elmore Events Centre on Saturday with gates opening at 1pm.

Car park activities will start at 3pm with the ball getting underway at 8pm.

There will beon-stage appearances by Chris Staff, The Viper Creek Band and Trainwreck Trio.

This year’s theme is a touch of blue or pink inrecognition of people battling cancer.

Committee members and volunteers were busy making the final preparations at the site on Friday.

Secretary Sam Shotton described it as “the calm before the storm”.

“I won’t be home from now until Sunday night,” she said on Friday morning.

“It’s very busy.”

The Elmore charity ball has raised about $370,000 since its humblebeginning in 2004.

Tickets to the Elmore Summer Send Off B&S are $125 and will beavailableat the gate.Check the Bendigo Advertiser websiteat www.bendigoadvertiser南京夜网.aufor our galleries of Elmore B&Syears gone by.

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Military service

I am upset about my letter (Nov 24) having been misinterpreted resulting in over reacted responses.
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I never questioned members of the armed forces bravery and love for their country, and certainly do not disrespect and ridicule them.

But I also believe that those not in uniform would bravely respond if this country was invaded.

I don’t intend to apologise for finding it shameful that young people have to try to be accepted by the ADF in order to escape unemployment and bleak job prospects.

If I held power my solution would be compulsory national service within Australia for six months or so for all reasonably fit 18 to 19 year olds of any race, religion or political persuasion.

That would serve national harmony, give them much needed self respect, pride and the strength and determination to successfully fight for a fair place in society.



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Developing youth in the beef industry

(From left) Successful applicants presented to the Young Beef Producers Forum in Roma included Amanda Moohan, Qld; Rachel Hoolihan, Qld; Barb Bishop, director of Barbara Bishop & Associates, who will be delivering the personal development program; Blythe Calnan, WA; and Joanna Robertson, Qld. Sharing knowledge of the beef industry is what drives the inaugural Graeme Acton Beef Connections Mentor Program.
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Nine of the beef industry’s best and brightest young minds were announced as successful candidates recently at the Roma Young Beef Producers Forum.

“The quality of the 49 applications received was outstanding across the board, and so tough was the task of separating candidates for the eight spots on offer, that we have provided an additional ninth position to cater for another worthy recipient,” Beef Australia Chairman Blair Angus said.

The successful candidates are all aged between 25 and 35 and will now have access to mentoring from experienced beef industry leaders, as well as formal personal development training.

Beef Connections is a new initiative of the Beef Australia 2015 Next Generation committee and is being supported by Westpac Agribusiness to assist in the acquisition and retention of talented young people in the beef industry.

The Beef Connections program was named in honour of the late Graeme Acton, who was renowned for supporting young people in entering the sector and generously sharing with them his extensive knowledge.

“A core goal of Beef Australia is to act as a platform to build the capacity of the national beef industry, so it is particularly pleasing that the successful applicants are from all parts of the country and currently have roles at various points along the length of the beef supply chain,” Mr Angus said.

Successful candidates include Adam Coffey, producer, NT, Amanda Moohen, producer, Qld, Ashley Kirk, producer, Qld, Blythe Calnan, live export industry, WA, Donald Hook, ag education, WA, Joanna Robertson, DAFF employee, Qld, Kenrick Cross, producer, NSW, Rachel Hoolihan, agribusiness, Qld and Sarah Rutledge, marketing, Qld

The successful candidates will be paired with a mentor who has proven leadership skills in agricultural industry and will support participants to achieve their personal development aspirations.

Mentors will be selected during December and introduced to the participants in January 2015, ahead of the Building Your Future Conference to be held in Brisbane in February 2015.

YOUR SAY: Birding NSW in dismay after learning of trees cut down along Memory Lane, Grenfell

Letter to the Grenfell Record Editor. December 10, 2014
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Ngaire Soley, Editor

Grenfell Record

Grenfell, NSW 2810

Dear Madam

Members of Birding NSW were dismayed to learn that at least sixteen Yellow Box and Blakely’s Red Gum trees had been cut down beside the sewage treatment works to facilitate the movement of trucks along Memory Lane for a new industrial site. These old trees offered important resources for birds and animals. The threatened Superb Parrots and other parrots use nesting holes which only occur in such old trees. Both tree species provide rich sources of nectar for many bird species including parrots and honeyeaters. In addition to destroying important bird habitat, employees of Grenfell Council have destroyed much of Grenfell Bird Trail 6. Grenfell Bird Trails bring bird watching tourists to the Grenfell area. Such tourists use the town’s resources and are important sources of income.

Birding NSW Logo

Since 2011, members of Birding NSW have been carrying out bird surveys every six months around Grenfell. Our club chose to survey in the Grenfell area because of the well-established system of Weddin Bird Trails, with many trails being important for Superb Parrots as they are along roads lined with Yellow Box and Blakely’s Red Gums. Survey data are recorded in BirdLife Australia’s database of bird sightings throughout Australia. Grenfell is in the centre of the internationally recognised South West Slopes Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA), one of 45 IBAs in NSW established by BirdLife Australia as part of BirdLife International’s worldwide network of IBAs. This IBA is recognised as important for four globally endangered bird species including Superb Parrots as well as for several threatened woodland bird species.

We hope that in future Council will take steps to ensure that trees are not removed without careful considerations of the impact on native birds and animals. In particular Birding NSW supports calls from Grenfell residents for Council to set up an Environment Advisory Committee.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

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Elmore B&S shines in YouTube video

The Elmore B&S story part threeFEATURE: More than boots and Bundy
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GALLERY: The 2014 event in pictures

THE latestinstallment of the Elmore Summer Send Off documentary is now on YouTube.

The four-partdocumentary explores the history of the Elmore B&S with partthree featuring this year’s 10th anniversary which was celebrated on the March long weekend.

The documentary can be viewed athttp://youtu.be/Jy7vjboT0WE.

The Elmore charity ball has raised about $370,000 since its humblebeginning in 2004.

Money has gone towards improvements for the Elmore Medical Practice,a bowling machine for the cricket club, a fire pump for the Elmore Events Centre, renovations to the netball courts and the football grounds,ROADECand ascholarship fund, the SES in Rochester and the Elmore Cemetery.

Hundreds of man hours go into making the event a success.

The Elmore Summer Send Off documentary is part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

Bachelor and Spinsters events were originally designed as a way for country men and women to meet up and potentially find romance.

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