August, 2018

Nats to decide tomorrow

Melinda Pavey
Nanjing Night Net

THE preselection to endorse a Nationals Oxley candidate for the 2015 state election will be held in Macksville tomorrow.

The preselection follows the announcement by Oxley MP and former Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner that he will retire at next year’s state election.

The three preselection candidates are Patrick Conaghan, Melinda Pavey and Adam Roberts.

None live in the electorate.

Out of the three candidates, Nationals MLC Melinda Pavey, has emerged as a leading contender.

“I have a proven track record in Parliament delivering for people in country NSW,” Mrs Pavey told The Macleay Argus.

“Being a good grass roots member is about listening and then delivering what the community needs.”

Adam Roberts has experience as a business owner, in social welfare, and in local government as a councillor and as deputy mayor of Port Macquarie-Hastings Council.

“I have a strong and diverse range of experience and skills across many sectors,” Mr Roberts said.

Patrick Conaghan was born and raised in Kempsey and served as a local police officer before becoming a solicitor.

“I have a great love for the electorate and want to see it thrive,” he said.

“I know what the issues are, I know what needs to be done and I have determination to do it.”

All 400 NSW Nationals Oxley members who have been in the party for at least six months will have the chance to cast a ballot for their preferred candidate tomorrow.

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Another public holiday a big deal for small business

DURING the election, Daniel Andrews announced he would create another public holiday in Victoria.
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This would be held on the Friday before the AFL grand final.

With the bright lights and the election razzamatazz fading, this commitment needs serious scrutiny.

Australians love a long weekend. Or let’s face it, any day off that we can get.

But we must start thinking about what these mean. Quite simply, “one more day” may be the last for many small businesses.

This isn’t a throw-away line. It’s reality.

The powerhouse of the Australian economy isn’t big business. It’s small business and right now many of these are doing everything they can not only to grow but to simply stay afloat.

I can hear many of you saying “Yeah, yeah that’s what they always say”. But again, it’s reality.

And the reality of another public holiday means that any small business corner stores, hotels, cafes, mechanic workshops, spray painters, builders, electricians, restaurants or any other you can think of will be paying staff penalty rates for this proposed Friday holiday.

For some stores, Friday is their busiest day of the week. And yet, forcing double pay will make some question whether it’s even worth opening.

Think of the impact of this decision, not just in Ballarat. Think of places like Avoca, Skipton, Charlton, Wedderburn, Ararat, Port Fairy, Hamilton. This decision could close these towns down for the day.

It means those people who might normally be employed on that day won’t be or will work reduced hours.

It means, those employees may find it very tough to meet their mortgage demands for that week, or their bills for weeks to come.

For the business owner, perhaps leasing or renting their premises, it means that is one day where their overhead costs remain the same, but their ability to cover those costs is removed.

And don’t just imagine this as rich people having a sook because they can’t get richer.

Penalty rates will also hit the public purse.

It will have a cost burden of hundreds of thousands of dollars on each of our hospitals, ambulance services, CFA and any other public service required for that day.

We’re talking millions of dollars of additional cost for the taxpayer. That money will need to be found and most likely from services that will be reduced.

So I ask the question is it worth it?

Is it worth stopping the state so that Melbourne people can cheer on the AFL grand final parade?

Yes, a handful will travel from country Victoria to attend, but not millions of people.

Yes a public holiday sounds fun. But the reality is serious. The financial implications are huge.

I urge you to discuss this with your employer and workmates. I urge you to talk to Commerce Ballarat, and its equivalents in regional towns, who are equally worried about this.

If Daniel Andrews really cares about jobs, then he will reconsider his popularist thought bubble.

It needs to be popped.

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Parasitic worm found in man’s foot

Parasitic worm found in foot:Doctors discover remains of a Guinea worm in a Melbourne man’s foot and remove part of the parasite.
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A parasitic worm that grows up to a metre long has been found in the foot of a Melbourne man who is believed to have been living with it for years.

The worm, which usually burrows into its victims’ intestines and digs through their body to try to exit through a painful blister on their skin, was recently diagnosed in a Sudanese migrant who had been living in Australia for four years.

An X-ray of the parasitic worm in the foot of a Melbourne man. Photo: St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

Dr Jonathan Darby, an infectious diseases physician at St Vincent’s Hospital, said the 38-year-old man sought help for a swollen foot that had been painful for about a year, prompting doctors to wonder if he had stood on something that had become stuck in his foot or had caused an infection.

But to their surprise, an X-ray showed what appeared to be two pieces of curled up “Guinea worm” orDracunculiasis medinensisin his ankle and foot.

Despite its ability to grow to great lengths, the two pieces of worm were only several centimetres long, probably because it had died and started to degenerate inside the man. It was surgically removed and the man made a full recovery.

The parasite, found in Africa, enters people through drinking water containing water fleas that have ingestedDracunculuslarvae. Once swallowed, the larvae burrow into the walls of the intestines where they develop into adult worms that look like spaghetti.The female worms usually then move through tissue in the abdomen and into the legs, feet or toes, where they try to emerge through skin, producing painful blisters or ulcers.

Dr Darby said this usually causes people a burning sensation that makes them put the affected part of their body into water. If the worms meet water, the females discharge their larvae, setting in motion a new life cycle.

“That whole process can take years. It can sit inside the human body alive for years or die, degenerate, and then cause problems in the area like it did for our patient,” he said.

In developing countries, Dr Darby said live worms are usually delicately pulled from people’s exit wounds over days or weeks to ensure they don’t break and cause more harm.

“If you google it, you’ll find some fairly dramatic photos of people getting match sticks and twirling their worm out centimetre per day,” he said.

Dr Darby said the Melbourne man – a Sudanese migrant who had not left Australia since he arrived four years ago – was most likely infected in Africa where the parasite is still found in Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Ghana and Chad despite efforts to eradicate it.While there is no treatment for the disease, people carrying the parasites cannot infect others.

Details of the case were published in the medical journalPathologyto inform doctors about the possibility of it in people with symptoms, particularly migrants.

“Increased refugee and migration movement from endemic as well as recently certified free countries may lead to cases of imported dracunculiasis being reported, and hence clinical vigilance in non-endemic countries remains important,” the doctors wrote.

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A festive rhyme for allthis Christmas time

CHRISTMAS this year I am more organised
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No last minute shopping or waiting in queues

Am decisive amidst sparkling array

And shorten greatly, the time it takes to choose.

I must not natter too long with friends

Withdraw from the enticing Santa scene

Children advise that Man in Red and White

Small sweet faces smile with interest so keen.

When cake, aromatic coffee beckon

Aching feet is a good excuse to rest

My conscience warns to keep aware of the time

I munch and sip a taste which passes the test.

Women looking quite weary emerge from shops

With gift-wrapped boxes surprises galore

Men transport various yuletide drinks

Walking carefully their safety to ensure.

With Church Ceremonies Nativity Scenes

A world celebrates Mary’s Boy Child’s Birth

Surely this is what Christmas is all about

Millions rejoice Peace goodwill to all Men on Earth.

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Education grants open for Ulladulla youth

HELPING HAND: Ulladulla High School graduates who received grants from the Shoalhaven Education Fund in 2013/14 were Caitlin McFadden, Brett Ingold, Jamie Lee Stevens, Kody Corban and Sophie Johnson. IF you are Ulladulla youth leaving school in 2014 and need financial assistance to attend university, TAFE or college, starting an apprenticeship or traineeship or start your working life, the Shoalhaven Education Fund may be able to help you.
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The 2015 grant applications are now open until December 31 for youth aged 16 to 21 years-old.

“Our grants are not awarded on academic success but we do require applicants to demonstrate to us they have a realistic goal and are dedicated and committed to meeting that goal and need financial assistance to achieve,” Shoalhaven Education Fund Chair Linda Marquis said.

“I would encourage anyone who needs this assistance to apply – we would love to hear from you.”

In order to receive a grant, applicants must submit a written application and meet with an interview panel.

Interviews will be held in mid-January in Nowra and Ulladulla and successful applicants will be notified early February.

The Shoalhaven Education Fund has assisted 29 students from across the Shoalhaven in the past two years and in 2013/14 seven Ulladulla youths received grants.

Cash is not paid in advance but is reimbursed on production of receipts or is paid directly to a third party.

“The education fund is not connected to government in any way, rather funds are raised through fund raising activities throughout the year and generous donations from the business community,” Mrs Marquis said.

“We are also the trustees for the Scott Morrison Scholarship and one applicant will be awarded this inaugural and very special scholarship in 2015.”

Applications can be downloaded at www.cef.org.au/shoalhaven.

The Shoalhaven Education Fund is affiliated with the Country Education Foundation of Australia and is one of 40 education funds nationally supporting rural and country based youth achieve their dreams.

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